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How to Handle ‘Sticky’ Client Invoicing Situations

By Lankitha Wimalarathna on August 3rd, 2018

Conversation with a client on a sticky invoicing situation

In an ideal world, you’d receive payment almost immediately after issuing an invoice. However, reality is much different. You’ll often find yourself chasing up payments, and how you handle them is crucial for a quick resolution. In this post, we’ll look at some of situations that can arise when it comes to invoicing your clients – such as incorrect entries and non-payment – and discuss how to handle them while keeping everyone happy!

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How to Manage Aged Receivables

By Prabhath Sirisena on July 26th, 2018

Calculating bills and invoices

Of course, getting your invoices paid promptly is good business sense. After all, money in the bank means the shutters stay up and provides you a base from which you can grow the company. Considering this, managing your ‘aged receivables’ is a key part of handling your cash flow. It’s traditionally a hands-on process, involving time spent contacting clients and chasing up payments. However, a solution such as Hiveage can streamline that process, letting you dedicate your resources to other areas.

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Ad Hoc vs. Monthly Invoicing: Does It Matter Which One You Choose?

By Lankitha Wimalarathna on July 18th, 2018

Checking an invoice

Invoicing is usually a key element of any small business or freelance operation – and with good reason. Without a solid invoicing process, you may not get paid at all, which is obviously a considerable problem. However, the frequency with which you invoice could also have an effect on whether you’re paid promptly. This post will look at both methods of distributing invoices and how they differ. We’ll also explore the pros and cons of each, and talk about which one may suit you best.

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3 Essentials the Client-Freelancer Relationship Needs to Succeed

By Richard Henderson on July 11th, 2018

Two people meeting in a cafe

Being able to maintain a good client relationship over the course of a project is necessary for success. For example, having clear communication channels, a pool of quality resources that meet the client’s needs, and a way to view the project as a whole collectively are all important factors. Getting these right could cement your working relationship, and win you more work in the future.

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How to Give an Estimate as a Freelance Writer

By Prabhath Sirisena on July 4th, 2018

Illustration of typewriter

When you’re just getting started as a freelance writer, it can be difficult to know what to charge for your services. However, there’s no ‘dark art’ to setting estimates. By being thorough with your itemization, and employing a healthy dose of logic and foresight, you’ll be able to accurately predict the cost of a job. In this guide, we’ll show you how to give an estimate as a freelancer, and how you can create and send one online. We’ll also look at how you can save time by turning your estimate into an invoice. Let’s get started!

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From Stage to Wallet: A Beginner’s Guide to Invoicing for Performers

By Prabhath Sirisena on June 26th, 2018

Illustration of a magician

Whether you’re an actor, a model, musician, or comedian, you’ll most likely be dealing with your own finances when starting out. This can be a real hassle if you don’t know how to get started, and the taxing pursuit of getting your invoicing in order can be a grind. In this article, we’ll show you what you need to create estimates and invoices for your work, and demonstrate how you can make this part of your job a lot easier.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Subscription-Based Sales

By Lankitha Wimalarathna on June 11th, 2018

Guide to subscription-based sales

Subscription-based sales are a great way of earning regular income from a select group of customers. In fact, it’s become a hot topic across a range of niches and industries, and for good reason. In this article, we’ll introduce subscription-based sales, and take you through the benefits you’ll get from them. We’ll also cover whether a subscription model is good for your business, and how to begin implementing one. Let’s get started!

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10 Common Invoicing Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

By Richard Henderson on June 4th, 2018

Common invoicing mistakes to avoid

Everybody makes mistakes, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your best to avoid them. This is especially true when it comes to online invoicing. Errors can lead to lost revenue, or even worse scenarios. In this article, we’ll talk about ten of the most common invoicing mistakes, such as delaying your invoices, not following up, and including surprising fees. We’ll also discuss what steps you can take to ensure that you don’t repeat them. Let’s take a look!

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10 Key Elements of Your Small Business’ Visual Identity

By Prabhath Sirisena on May 28th, 2018

Small business branding

Branding is important for any business, but especially for a smaller outfit. In fact, having a small business identity that’s visually consistent can be the difference between getting overlooked and sticking in the minds of your potential customers. Fortunately, developing this identity isn’t that hard. There are only a few elements you’ll need to focus on initially, and none are out of reach for the average small business. Let’s get started!

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Introducing Customizable Invoice Templates

By Lahiru Jayaratne on September 18th, 2017

Custom templates in action

Your invoices and estimates are an extension of your brand. Hiveage has options to customize them to include your logo and thumbnail, and to be in your own language—we support more than two dozen languages, with more on the way. Today, we are happy to introduce the next step in how Hiveage lets you control the look and feel of your invoices.

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