Track Mileage

Traveling for work? Keep track of your trips and bill your clients easily with our invoices app.

Do miles or kilometers matter to your business? You’re in luck. Hiveage is now your mileage tracker for business, whether for estimates or for invoicing.

Mileage tracker for business

Save trip categories

Create saved categories for your most common expense types, and quickly add new expense entries based on them.

Set business mileage rates

Not all trips are equal. You can track mileage at different rates for different types of trips. Quickly assign the correct rate for each trip.

Miles and Kilometres

We have your distance measurements covered regardless of whether your country uses the U.S. system or the metric system.

Mileage tracker for business

Attach files, set taxes and add tags

Save your trip entries with all the details by attaching files and categorizing with tags. Set taxes per trip for accurate billing.

Quickly convert to invoices

Select the trips you want to bill for, and quickly generate invoices, estimates or bills with line items for your business mileage.