About Us

A Vesess Venture

Hiveage is an online billing service for freelancers and small businesses, designed and developed by Vesess. Being a small business ourselves, we’re well aware of the difficulties they face in managing finances, and Hiveage is our take on how to simplify the process.

In 2006, we set out to scratch a personal itch by writing an online invoicing solution that was small business friendly. That solution, CurdBee, was used by thousands of freelancers and small businesses from over 140 countries.

Though the spiritual successor to CurdBee, Hiveage—launched in 2014—was re-imagined and re-developed from the ground up, meaning that it does everything not only faster, but better. Rebuilding our flagship application is not something we took lightly. Every aspect of the CurdBee experience has been refined, and we sincerely believe that the application you are looking at right now is hands down the best online invoicing solution for you, especially if you are a small business like us.

We have a passion for those that start small. That’s why we started CurdBee, that’s why we developed Hiveage, and that’s why we’re here, helping you with your business, because in the end, that’s our business: helping you grow.

If you ever need to talk, we’re just an email away.

The Vesess Team