Careers at Hiveage

Join the Hiveage team and
help us empower small businesses.

Opportunities in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Hiveage is one of the few global success stories to emerge from the Sri Lankan software industry. Our Fintech platform helps 65,000 small businesses from 150 countries get paid on time.

We are self-funded, independent and ambitious. We’re on the lookout for like-minded winners to join our small team. If the following appeals to you, we’d love to hear from you. Please apply with the form below, or email

About Us

We are a small team of ten people working from 5 cities around the world. There’s a lot of design, engineering and entrepreneurship know-how and experience, and we have ambitious goals for the future. In our daily work, we strive to offer the best possible experience for our customers, wherever they are.

We promote working remotely, though we do offer office space for our team members who need it. We’re not micro-managers, and we don’t have rigid processes: you get to decide what works best for you in order to build high quality software.

Hiveage is mission-critical for most of our customers. There will be the occasional all-hands-on-deck situations for us. Our team members are ready to go that extra mile when the situation calls for it.

We groom all our team members to be entrepreneurs so that one day they can be empowered to be our co-founders in future ventures (and yes, this has actually happened).

We are looking for:

  • DevOps Engineer (minimum 2 years experience) — LKR 150-250K
  • Software Engineer (RoR) & Product Owner (minimum 2 years experience) — LKR 150-250K
  • Software Engineer (RoR) — LKR 100-150K

You have:

  • Excellent English language skills: able to communicate your ideas clearly and concisely, in writing, on calls and in person
  • Self-discipline and initiative: able to manage your tasks independently, without much guidance or hand-holding
  • Leadership skills: able to take ownership and responsibility when and where needed
  • Energy and perseverance: should be able to define your goals and strive to deliver results
  • Creativity: difficult to define, but you know it when you see it :)
  • Passion: a desire for self-improvement, in your skills and in life in general
  • Proof of self-learning in the form of at least one completed online course
  • Expertise in one of the languages: Ruby, Java or Golang
  • Any demonstrable contribution to free software is a plus

Please don't apply if:

  • You don’t know what Hiveage is or who our competitors are
  • You are looking for a 9-5 job
  • You are not good at communicating via email and Slack
  • You are a good engineer, but don’t really care about QA, customer support or R&D