Easy & Elegant Estimating Software

Prepare quotations for your clients and get their acceptance online in an instant.

Our estimating software allows you to send detailed estimates (including details of time and expenses), and keep your clients informed about the valid period by sending expiration notices. When they accept your quote, easily create invoices from them.

estimating software

Get online acceptance

Encourage action: send estimates that let your client view and then accept your quotation online, with a simple click of a button.

Convert to invoice

Save time and effortlessly generate invoices based on your estimates with Hiveage’s quick “Convert to Invoice” option.

Set expiry dates

Worried about an estimate quote overstaying its shelf life? Set an expiry date and keep your client informed about the valid period.

Send expiration reminders

Keep your clients in the loop after sending an estimate: let them know when it’s about to expire so that they can decide on time.

Explore our other features and how they work with our estimating software!