Refund Policy

Payments already made to Hiveage for any subscription plan (monthly or yearly) or one-time offer will not be refunded once the payment is processed by the payment gateway.

Upon cancellation of your account or downgrading your account to Hiveage Free plan, you wont be charged again unless otherwise for any due amounts incurred before the downgrade or account cancellation.


How do I cancel my account?

You can cancel your account at any time by logging into your account and selecting the Reset or Cancel Account option under Settings. From this page, select the Cancel Account tab.

How can I change my account subscriptions?

To change your subscription or downgrade your account to the Hiveage Free plan, please select the Subscription option from the profile menu.

When should I downgrade to be not charged again?

If you are on the monthly billing cycle, please downgrade your account before 00:00 UTC of the first day of the month so that you will not be charged for that month. If you are on the yearly billing cycle, please downgrade before the next annual subscription renewal date. Downgrades are applied immediately.