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Hiveage helps you get your finances out of the way, so you can focus on the important stuff.

Using our secure cloud-based platform, small business owners save an average of two days per month—and a whole lot of stress!—by reducing the costly, time-consuming administrative tasks associated with invoicing and billing.

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Send elegant invoices

Send professional online invoices with your branding, and make it easy for your clients to pay you on time.

Estimates and quotations

Prepare quotations for your clients and get their acceptance online in an instant.

Accept Online Payments

Hiveage seamlessly integrates with more than a dozen popular online payment gateways to serve clients from all parts of the world.

View Detailed Reports

Stay on top of your finances with up-to-date reports on monthly summaries, year-to-date income and expenditure as well as accounts receivable and payable.

Recurring and subscription billing

Charge subscriptions and recurring fees with ease. Send invoices manually or automatically for recurring payments, or auto-bill your customers.

Manage Multiple Teams & Businesses

Grant different levels of access to your staff, and even manage multiple teams and businesses, with a single Hiveage login.

Track time

Whether you’re doing an on-site visit or logging hours at home, billing for time is now just a click away.

Track expenses

From a cab ride to lunch with a client, creating expense reports and sending them off has never been this easy.

Track mileage

Do miles or kilometers matter to your business? You’re in luck. Hiveage now handles billing for distance.

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Check out the full list of features to learn more about how your small business finances can be managed easily with Hiveage.

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Jesse Couch image

I’ve been using Hiveage’s predecessor Curdbee for years, and Hiveage improves on Curdbee in every way. The interface is polished, fast, fluid and intuitive, and the amount of features available are pretty amazing. It will be my project management software for the foreseeable future, and the only one I recommend to clients and colleagues.

Jesse Couch
Creative Director & Front-End Developer,
Micah Rich image

Between Curdbee & their new version, Hiveage, I’ve brought in more than $310,000 than I would otherwise not have. If I ever need to send an invoice, I know it’s gonna work, and I know they’re gonna get it, and I’ll know when they’ve seen it and paid or not paid it. At least if everything else gets hard, I know I’ve got a system there that’ll let me get paid.

Micah Rich
Creative Director and Owner,
Shaun Preece image

Since switching to Hiveage my productivity has soared. The intuitive interface allows me to quickly send invoices on the go as well as offering outstanding reporting tools - I love it!

Shaun Preece
Creative Director & Entrepreneur,
Chad Cox image

With Hiveage I’m able to spend more time on the tasks that will actually grow my business without getting bogged down by non-billable administrative activities.

Chad Cox

98% of ​our​ customers recommend Hiveage to others.

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