Updated Offline Payments Workflow

Back in April, we launched Offline Payments, a free module available with Hiveage Plus that made it easier for you to keep track of payments via cash, check and bank transfers. Today we added an improvement to the offline payment workflow that should make it more intuitive.

Introducing the ‘Unrealized’ State

When you enable a payment method from the Offline Payment module for an invoice, your client is able to enter a payment for it. Sometimes this led to confusion, as a payment would be recorded in Hiveage for an invoice when you hadn’t yet received the money. To eliminate this ambiguity, we introduced a new state for payments and invoices.

Marking an unrealized payments as realized in Hiveage <figcaption>Use the Mark as Realized option to confirm offline payments entered by your clients.</figcaption>

Now, when a client enters an offline payment for your invoice, it would be marked as Unrealized. Hiveage changes the invoice state to Paid when you mark that payment as Realized from Invoice Activity > Payments. This way you can keep a tab on which payments have been entered by your clients but haven’t yet reached you.

Draggable Invoice Items
Drag and drop line items <figcaption>Need to reorder line items? Just drag and drop.</figcaption>

Many of you wrote to us about this missing feature during the transition from CurdBee to Hiveage, and now it’s here! Re-ordering line items in your invoice is as easy as a simple drag-and-drop.

These updates are part of our continued efforts to make your billing experience a more enjoyable one. If you need any help with them—or Hiveage in general—please write to support@hiveage.com.