Why You Need a Business Dashboard for Your Business

When it comes to managing your small business, the more efficient you can be, the better. That’s why it’s a good idea to invest some time into creating dashboards. Dashboards can help you see your most important business data at a glance. In this post, similar to our discussion on cost-efficient strategies for forum marketing, we’re going to look at some inexpensive tools you can use to create business dashboards that save you time.

Small Business Analytics Dashboards

How Dashboards Save You Time

If you manage a small business, then chances are you are going to multiple tools or websites on a daily basis to stay on top of your business data. This data can come from web analytics tools like Google Analytics, the top social networks, your payment processor, your bank, your CRM, your project management software, so on and so forth. Logging into and checking various data within 10+ different applications per data can take up a significant amount of time.

Dashboards allow you combine your most important data from different sources all one screen. So instead of going from one platform to the next, you log in to one account and look at all of your data within it. Or, with some dashboard software, you wait for your daily report to be emailed directly to you.

A better way to manage your finances

With Hiveage you can send elegant invoices to your customers, accept online payments, and manage your team — all in one place.

For those that manage data for clients, such as a website marketing consultant who has to review their client’s Google Analytics reports on a daily basis, dashboards allow you to put all of your client’s data into one or more dashboards for faster analysis.

How to Choose the Right Dashboard Software

When it comes to dashboard software, there are many to choose from. Your decision should be based on your answers to the following questions.

  • How many dashboards do you need?
  • How do you want your dashboards to look?
  • What tools do you use that you need data from?
  • Do you need your dashboards emailed to you?
  • Do you need other team members to access your dashboards?

Once you have the answers to these questions in mind, you can consider the following dashboard software.

Cyfe Business Dashboard

Screenshot of Cyfe business dashboard

Cyfe is my personal favorite in terms of dashboard software for a couple of reasons. First, you get unlimited usage of it for only $19.99 per month. Unlimited dashboards, unlimited widgets, unlimited data connections to your favorite tools, unlimited users, and unlimited email reporting.

Cyfe allows you to connect to popular advertising platforms, blogging tools, email marketing services, website monitoring solutions, sales management tools, SEO tools, social media networks, support services, and website analytics. Cyfe also integrates with Zapier to provide connections to data from hundreds of other apps, services, and tools.


Screenshot of Klipfolio dashboard

Klipfolio is another all-in-one business dashboard software that allows you to have unlimited dashboards, unlimited widgets (also known as Klips), unlimited data connections to your favorite tools, and unlimited email reporting for $20 per month, with an additional charge for additional users.

Klipfolio has a smaller list of services that it can connect to – 19 in total so far. These include Bit.ly, Facebook, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Instagram, LinkedIn, MailChimp, Optmizely, Pingdom, Salesforce Twitter, and YouTube.


Screenshot of Geckoboard dashboard

Geckoboard is an all-in-one business dashboard that allows you to have unlimited widgets within two dashboards and unlimited data connections to your favorite tools starting at $49 per month.

Their software connects to 71 various services including popular integrations (Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) as well as other tools like Basecamp, Buffer, HubSpot, Interco, Pipedrive, Podio, Trello, and Vimeo.

Dasheroo as a Reporting Automation Tool

Screenshot of Dasheroo dashboard

Dasheroo is an all-in-one business dashboard that offers different pricing options. Instead of unlimited dashboards and widgets (referred to as data insights), they offer unlimited users access to a total of four dashboards and twelve widgets for free. Additional dashboards and widgets start at $25 per month (purchased annually).

Dasheroo currently has 17 services that you can connect to including the usual Google tools and social networks. They also integrate with Emma and Vertical Response.

In Conclusion: Business Dashboards

Choosing the best dashboard software for your business will allow you to stay current with the latest data for your business while simultaneously saving you a lot of time. Be sure to give one of these solutions a try today to start being more efficient with your business’s analytics.

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