Quick Fixes For Entrepreneurs to Be Healthier

A major challenge that everyone faces in life is the one to be healthier. For entrepreneurs, that is especially true. While some research shows that entrepreneurs get more exercise and eat healthier than other professionals, other research shows that entrepreneurs are more likely to battle depression, anxiety, and addictions. In this post, we’re going to look at some quick fixes that most entrepreneurs can do to find the best route to being healthier.

Illustration of factors that contribute to a healthy lifestyle

Disclaimer: Note that any major changes to how you handle your health should be reviewed with your physician.

Experiment with caffeine reduction.

Most people believe that caffeine will help boost their cognitive performance, and therefore consume coffee, soda, energy drinks, and other supplements to keep themselves going. Many of the health issues that entrepreneurs can struggle with, such as the depression and anxiety mentioned at the beginning of this post, can be linked to caffeine use.

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The first experiment you should do in terms of your health is to try reducing your caffeine intake. You shouldn’t go cold turkey, as you will experience some extreme withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, irritability, and even flu-like symptoms. Instead, if you’re having three cups of coffee a day, try dropping down to one for a week, and then to none and note the results. Then look at other sources of caffeine like soda and see if you can reduce those as well.

Experiment with the hours of sleep you get.

Seven hours of sleep seems to be the most agreed length of time for anyone 18 or older. Of course, some research shows that anywhere from six to eleven hours could be appropriate for specific age ranges.

This is why you need to experiment with the amount of sleep you get each night. Take a few weeks where you experiment with more or less sleep, depending where you start on the spectrum now. For example, if you are only getting four hours of sleep a night, increase it to six for a week and see how you feel. Then increase it to seven. Then eight. Note how you feel each week to determine how much sleep you need to feel refreshed and the most productive.

Not sure where you can get more hours out of your day to sleep? Try cutting down on TV time or getting help for some of the tasks you do that you don’t necessarily need to do yourself, both at work and at home.

Experiment with a new diet.

There are lots of new fad diets that come and go throughout the years, and not every diet is suited to every individual. Whether you are trying to lose weight or just trying to be healthier, it’s best to experiment with new diets to see how they will affect you.

With the help of a physician or nutritionist, find some diet options that would be best for you to start experimenting with. They will take weeks to get used to, and weeks to see the results. So plan to lock in a diet for a month to get an overall feel of whether you feel more energetic, less hungry, and better overall.

If dieting is not right for you, then look to make simple changes that will boost your health. For example, instead of doing fast food for lunch, go to a natural grocery chain to find some suitable lunch options. This change alone for five to seven days a week will make a difference.

Experiment with a new exercise routine.

Some people claim that working out at the start of their day is the way to go, while others will do it in the middle or at the end of the day. Some like weight training, while others like cardio. Exercise, like everything else, should be something you experiment with to see what the best fit is with your life.

With this, you should consider hiring a personal trainer for a couple of weeks to keep you on schedule and recommend the best workouts for your goals. Depending on what you are doing now, have them work with you for a few weeks in the mornings, then have them work with you for a few weeks in the evenings. If possible, try a few weeks in the middle of the day.

Why hire a personal trainer? Because this will keep you motivated and consistent. It’s one thing to only have yourself holding you accountable, but another thing to know you’ve paid for sessions with someone who is waiting for you at a specific time each day.

If the gym isn’t your thing, look into options like local sports, hiking groups, and other fitness opportunities. As always, note the results to determine which option is best for you.

In Conclusion

Experimenting with these four areas of your life should help you find the optimal balance between being an entrepreneur and being healthy. Being healthy will ultimately help you achieve success in business, as the healthier you are, the more productive you will be.

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