The 7 iPhone Apps You Need to Manage Facebook

You may be surprised to find that one app is no longer enough to manage your Facebook, even if you are only a casual Facebook user. Serious Facebook marketers with iPhones have not one, not two, but six apps to choose from. In this post, we’re going to look at the seven iPhone apps you need to manage different aspects of your Facebook marketing, which are equally applicable to big corporations as well as home-based entrepreneurs.

Facebook apps for iPhone


Facebook app

The main app that started it all is the Facebook app. This one will allow you to browse your news feed, get personal profile notifications, make friends, post to your personal profile, post on pages from your personal profile, and post in groups.

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There are several things you can no longer do with the main Facebook app, however. These things are addressed with the apps below.


Facebook Messenger

Messenger is Facebook’s standalone private messaging app. It allows you to send private messages to individuals or groups of people. You can also send money people using the Messenger app from a debit card linked to your Facebook profile.

Page Manager

Facebook Pages app

Businesses with a Facebook page will need the Page Manager app to manage their page. In particular, you will need it to post updates to your page, moderate page posts from fans, view your page insights, and access private messages sent to your page. It’s essential that you have this app in case you need to remove negative comments or posts from people on your page as you cannot do that from the main app.

Ads Manager

Facebook Ads app

Facebook marketers who run Facebook ads will need the Ads Manager app. This app will allow you to create simple Facebook ads on the go, view your ad insights, and pause ads as needed from your iPhone.


Facebook Groups app

You can receive notifications from groups and post within them from the main Facebook app. If you are a Facebook group owner who would like to do more, or someone who wants to interact in Facebook groups without the distraction of your main personal profile updates, there is the Groups app. You can use this to interact in the groups you belong to, discover new groups to join, create and edit your own groups, add members, and start group chats.


Facebook Paper app

If you want to browse the latest trending news about topics you care about on Facebook, Paper is the app to choose. In addition to allowing you to browse the latest headlines and share them on your personal profile, you will also see notifications from your personal profile, your latest private messages, and friend requests.


Facebook Mentions app

This one won’t be applicable to everyone, but we thought we would share it anyway. The Facebook Mentions app is for celebrities, musicians, athletes, and popular influencers with verified Facebook pages. It allows them to post to their page, keep up with important news and mentions about themselves and their industry, host Q&As with fans, and live stream to fans. If you have a verified Facebook page as a public figure, be sure to see if you can use Mentions!

In Conclusion

While six to seven apps may sound overwhelming, each one can help you focus on a specific goal, whether it’s managing your page or ads or groups. Think about your own Facebook marketing strategy as you consider which apps to add to your iPhone and see which ones help you the most.

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