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Enabling Hiveage Plus

To enable Hiveage Plus, go to the your account’s Upgrade section, and click on the Hiveage Plus module.

The Hiveage Plus module

Then, click the Enable button on the module description page.

Enable button on the Hiveage Plus module page

Click Save and Checkout from the Upgrade page. Make your payment, and we’re done!

Save and checkout from the Upgrade page

Hiveage Plus is a special module that has a lot of useful features bundled in it. You will also need it if you want to add core modules such as Estimates and Recurring Billing to your account.

In fact, Hiveage Plus is the most popular add-on among our paid users, and at $6.95 per month (or just $69.95 per year!) for all these features, you can see why!

With Hiveage Plus you get:

For more details, view features specification.

Updated on June 25, 2018

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