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Migrating Your CurdBee Subscription

If you currently have a CurdBee subscription, it will be migrated to Hiveage by our billing team. To initiate this, please login to your Hiveage account and fill the subscription migration form.

Please note that until the migration is complete, you will be billed from CurdBee.com. This process is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year.

Until the migration is done, please keep your CurdBee subscription active, even if you’re now exclusively using Hiveage. Your CurdBee account credit will be transferred over to Hiveage when we migrate the subscription. You would not be billed for both services at the same time.

Your Hiveage account will be in Free Trial mode till this migration is complete, and you will be able to enable any module free of charge during this period (you still have to complete the checkout process to add stuff, but will be charged $0.00 for all the modules you enable).

Please note that if you are a CurdBee BIG customer, your subscription will be mapped to Hiveage Big 5.

Tip: Keep your old pricing model (and pay less for Hiveage)!

By keeping your CurdBee subscription active, you can retain CurdBee pricing in Hiveage as well (i.e. the new pricing plans in Hiveage, which cost more, will not apply to you unless you add additional Hiveage modules). If you cancel your CurdBee subscription and downgrade to the Hiveage Free plan, the app will consider you a new user if and when you want to upgrade again.

Updated on July 18, 2017

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