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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am a CurdBee user. How do I move over to Hiveage?

Please follow the migration instructions.

2. What happens to CurdBee now?

New sign-ups for CurdBee are not allowed, and the service will be shut down soon. We expect all active CurdBee users to migrate their accounts to Hiveage before CurdBee is shut down.

Please note that the accounts that are not migrated during this transition period will be canceled and all data will be deleted when we shut down CurdBee.

3. I have a paid subscription on CurdBee. Do I need to resubscribe for Hiveage?

No, we will migrate your CurdBee subscription to Hiveage. There won’t be any extra costs involved, and you will continue to pay the CurdBee subscription rates in Hiveage. Learn more about subscription migration.

4. Are there any missing features in Hiveage compared to CurdBee?

The following features will be discontinued in Hiveage:

  • GoCardless Gateway
  • Push Notifications offered via Boxcar
  • SMS alerts
  • Snail Mail via Postal Methods

5. When using a custom domain I don’t get HTTPS, and when making a payment, users are directed to https://[my_hiveage_ID].hiveage.com instead of my own domain URL. What gives?

Our hiveage.com SSL certificate cannot provide HTTPS for custom domains. The good news is that we plan to give you the ability to upload your own SSL certificates and provide fully-fledged SSL protection to your custom domains as well. However, SNI — the technology that enables us to provide this feature — is not supported in some older browsers. You can find more information about supported browsers from this Wikipedia article.

6. Is Hiveage accessible on my mobile? Are any mobile apps planned?

Yes, Hiveage is fully responsive and works great on mobile devices. There will be native mobile apps for Hiveage too: these are currently under development.

7. When I go to the Upgrade section in Hiveage, the modules I see are different from those I had in my CurdBee account. Why is that?

Hiveage offers a fully-featured free trial for 30 days, and that’s what you see in your Hiveage account now. We will migrate your CurdBee subscription to Hiveage when the trial expires.

8. What happens when I import my recurring profiles from CurdBee?

Recurring profiles in CurdBee can be imported to Hiveage once only. After successfully importing recurring profiles to Hiveage, you agree to close them from your CurdBee account to prevent further invoices from being sent from CurdBee. Do not reset or delete them in Hiveage if you want to continue invoicing from them.

Unlike in CurdBee, Hiveage has four possible states for recurring profiles. So when you migrate recurring profiles from CurdBee to Hiveage, they will be mapped as follows:

Active (0 occurances) → Draft
Active (1 or more occurances) → Active

Thus, please note that recurring profiles that have not been triggered yet will be in Draft state in Hiveage. They will become active upon the first trigger.

9. What are the features included with Hiveage Plus?

With Hiveage Plus you get:

  • Unbranded statements, emails and PDFs
  • Multiple contacts per business
  • Attach PDFs when sending statements
  • Partial payments for invoices
  • Send automatic payment receipts
  • Send automatic payment reminders
  • Enables taxes, discounts and shipping
  • File attachments
  • Custom domain
  • Notifications
  • Comprehensive dashboard reports
  • Email personalization

10. Will you add feature X to Hiveage?

We do take all your requests seriously and keep grouping them so that we could work on them when the time is right!

11. I have more than one business in Hiveage. Are upgrades applied to all of them?

Subscription upgrades and modules enabled for one of your businesses do not apply to other businesses in Hiveage. However, we offer discounts when you upgrade more than one business.

When upgrading your plan or enabling a module for businesses 2 to 5, we offer a 25% discount, and for businesses 6 and above, we offer a 35% discount.

Have more questions? Please write to us at support@hiveage.com

Updated on October 2, 2017

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