Setting up Stripe for Hiveage will only take a few minutes, but requires you to login to both your Stripe and your Hiveage accounts.

In your Stripe account:

  1. Click on the Your Account button at the top right hand corner and open the dropdown.
  2. Select Account Settings.
  3. stripe_1

  4. From the new window select API Keys.
  5. 5

  6. Write down your Live Secret Key or copy it to the clipboard.

In your Hiveage account:

  1. Go to the Upgrade page.
  2. Click the Stripe module.
  3. Stripe_3

  4. Enter your Secret Key.
  5. If you would like this to be your default payment gateway, tick Enable this gateway for all outgoing non-recurring invoices by default.
  6. 2

  7. Click Save and Enable.

If you enable Stripe by default, it will appear as a payment method on all invoices you send from Hiveage. Alternatively, you can leave it unchecked, and enable Stripe for individual invoices from each invoice’s Invoice Settings section.