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Accepting Offline Payments

Required Modules

How do I enable modules?

Offline Payments is a free module available with Hiveage Plus that makes it easier for you to keep track of payments via cash, check and bank transfers.

To begin adding your offline (check or bank) payment details to your outgoing invoices, just add the module for free from your Hiveage account’s Upgrade section, and then head over to Settings > Account Customizations > Notes & Emails.

Offline Payments Settings

Offline Payments Settings

Offline Payments Settings

Your clients can now enter the amount they paid offline and mark their invoices as paid, all from within the usual Hiveage invoice payment screen.

When a client enters an offline payment for your invoice, it would be marked as Unrealized. Hiveage changes the invoice state to Paid when you mark that payment as Realized from Invoice Activity > Payments. This way you can keep a tab on which payments have been entered by your clients but haven’t yet reached you.

Updated on June 25, 2018

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